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Video Surveillance Appliance Server VS001 Series


Sans Digital Video Surveillance Appliance (SD VSA) provides advanced video surveillance data management including live video capture and comprehensive video lifecycle management. Focused on the Record, Store, and Manage aspects of a forensics-based video surveillance system, Sans Digital VSA delivers fast search and playback through multi-tiered storage. 

The VS001 Series is a compact desktop based systems ranging from 1TB, 2TB and 3TB of video retention capacity. The VS001 series supports up to four (4) RTSP enabled IP cameras, including multi-mega pixel camera for high definition recording. Automatic IP camera searching allows simple installation as well as fast deployments. Unlimited client support for PC and MAC computers allow live viewing of cameras as well as searching and retrieval of recorded video. Extensive relevant searching for video via customizable added metadata fields per camera, allowing not just camera number, but also related information such as location, directions, cases number, and more. Marked segments of desired video can then be exported with complete chain of custody. Built-in with SD VSA Basic Edition, users can upgrade to light or pro edition via upgraded license key for more advance features, such as moving or copying video to different SD VSA units for data protection, maintaining the ability to search all videos located in the any SD VSA units in the same network.  Also capable of integrating with Milestone, OnSSI, and SkyPoint (optional license required) as storage expansion, and much more.

Download Data Sheet
Download Editions Comparsions (Basic vs Light vs Pro Edition)


    • Compact desktop unit with 1TB / 2TB / 3TB storage capacity.
    • Easily connects and configures any RTSP enabled IP-camera.
    • Built-in IP camera search feature for easy deployments.
    • Fully customizable live viewer provides "video wall" of the live image from 1 camera, 2 cameras (2x1 or 1x2 matrix), 4 cameras (2x2 matrix) and 16 cameras (4x4 matrix) with drag and drop locations and saved layouts.
    • Integrates with Milestone™, OnSSI™, or SkyPoint™ (optional license required).
    • Automatically creates low-resolution companion files (optional upgrade to Pro Edition) for fast search and playback, while retaining unaltered high resolution originals fully intact.
    • Enables utilization of megapixel cameras.
    • Enables extensive search and retrieval via extensible metadata.
    • Supports powerful and intuitive Search / Playback / Clip / Export functionality.
    • Enables the end-user to quickly and easily find specific “events of interest” reducing I.T. staff interaction.
    • Enables easy end-user playback of vast amounts of video assets.
    • Scalable storage solutions, all SD VSA recorded video can be serached in the same user interface.
    • Finds and selects video scenes easily with the built in Sans Digital Video Viewer.
    • Scans through an entire matched video list from a single Sans Digital Video Viewer.
    • Rewind, play, and fast forward with adjustable viewing speeds.
    • Creates ‘start’ and ‘stop’ points in order to create segment ‘clips’ for quick and easy exporting.
    • Exports marked segment with complete Chain-of-Custody.
    • Creates as many segment clips from the same video as you need.
    • Provides fully managed multi-tiered storage for complete video lifecycle management and longterm retention. (Professional versions only)


 Model  VS001XXXXX
 Form Factor  Desktop
 Drive Bay  1
 Maximum Capacity  3TB
 RAID Level  non-RAID
 IP Camera Support  Up to 4
 Low Resolution Companion File Support  No
 Processor  Intel Based ATOM Dual Core
 Power Supply  150W (100V to 230V)
 Dimension (in)  12.5" x 9" x 3"
 Weight (lb)  7 lb
 Safety Regulations  CE, FCC, UL
 Limited Warranty  1 Years

Available Models

 Part Number  Description
 VS00104C01TBE  Sans Digital Desktop NVR, 4-CH 1TB Video Surveillance 
 Appliance Server (Basic Ed.)
 VS00104C02TBE  Sans Digital Desktop NVR, 4-CH 2TB Video Surveillance
 Appliance Server (Basic Ed.)
 VS00104C03TBE  Sans Digital Desktop NVR, 4-CH 3TB Video Surveillance
 Appliance Server (Basic Ed.)

Download Data Sheet

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