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Nexenta Series

SANS DIGITAL ZFS Solutions NexentaStor Series
Sans Digital ZFS solution NexentaStor series is a SAN/NAS unified storage appliance, build upon 128-bit file system. Sans Digital ZFS NexentaStor series provide simple deployment, yet deliver enterprise SAN and NAS unified storage feature in a affordable price point.

128-bit ZFS File System
The power of the NexentaStor is provided by industry proven 128-bit ZFS file system. 128-bit ZFS file system support virtually unlimited storage capacity with support and ability to “pay as you grow” well beyond PB (petabyte) of storage capacity, while managed in single or multiple ZFS’s Z-RAID array. Not only storage can be added via AccuSTOR or EliteSTOR JBOD expansion chassis, SATA, SAS, SSD and system memory work together as a hybrid storage pool for optimal performance. This hybrid storage pool provides auto data tiering, automatically manage the hot and cold data in the storage pool.

Feature-rich, Pay-As-You-Growth, Unified Storage System
The unified storage supports NFS and CIFS for shared data, NAS environment as well as iSCSI and Fibre Channel target for enterprise SAN deployment. Virtual environments, such as VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V and Citrix Xen are supported. Build-in gigabit Ethernet port and optional 10Gbit Ethernet or 8G Fibre Channel ensure performance can be delivery to your IT environments. Featuring in-line de-duplication, thin provisioning, data mirroring, unlimited snapshots, folder/ block based replication and high availability clustering, Sans Digital ZFS Nexenta series provides feature-rich unified scalable storage solutions.

Key Features:

  • Unlimited snapshots (or clones) with copy-on-write implementation
  • Unlimited file size
  • Block and file based replication
  • Zero silence data corruptions
  • Hybrid storage pools via automated use of SSDs and system memory
  • In-line deduplication and compression
  • Built-in snapshot search
  • Multi-user write (file-level or block-level access)
  • Thin provisioning
  • NFS and CIFS for shared storage
  • iSCSI Target and FC Target
  • FTP and WedDAV support

 Optional Plug-in

  • Cloud Archive Plug-In - Cloud Archive Plug-In is a NexentaStor plugin which provides backup and restore capabilities for NexentaStor volumes to and from the specified cloud storage. Cloud Archive allows you to periodically back up NexentaStor volumes and folders to one or more cloud storage areas. It also allows you to restore directly from the Cloud to your NexentaStor appliance.
  • High Availability Cluster (HA Cluster) - The HA Cluster eliminates, as a single point of failure, the NexentaStor themselves. The HA Cluster Plug-in enables two NexentaStor instances to be configured as an active / active pair. At the same time, along with another NexentaStor instance, the plug-in provides high availability for shared storage accessible from both appliances, such as AccuSTOR or EliteSTOR JBOD expansion storage.
  • Namespace Cluster - Namespace Cluster adds horizontal scalability to NexentaStor, can migrate data and associated workloads between nodes without end-user disruption, simplifies management of files across up to 256 storage machines, and manages multiple nodes from a single node.
  • Simple HA Plug-in - The Simple High Availability capabilities of NexentaStor allow two or more NexentaStor to act as a basic high availability group in front of replicated data. The data can be replicated using Auto-CDP (optional synchronous replication), as well as Auto-Sync (built-in asynchronous replication).
  • Virtual Machine Data Center Plug-in (VMDC Plug-in)  - VMDC is a plug-in that manages storage for a VM (VMware, Xen, Hyper-V). The VMDC plug-in application dramatically simplifies the work of system administrators in setting storage policies for virtual environments and in performing common tasks, such as stopping and starting VMs and performing template-based clones.
  • Target FC Plug-in - The Target FC Plug-in provides the use of NexentaStor as a block-level Fibre Channel target. Target FC includes adaptive multi-pathing so that performance scales up, as well as management tools for create and closing, as well as replication and other protection schemes for the FC targets.

ZFS NexentaSTOR NX212L+B - 2U 12 bay Unified SAN Stroage Appliance
  • Unified storage appliance: support CIFS and NFS as shared storage while support iSCSI and Fibre Channel for multi-server SAN network.
  • 128 bit OS with ZFS: virtually unlimited snapshot and unlimited file system sizes  
  • Feature-rich: thin Provisioning, file/block replication, auto data tiering.
ZFS NexentaSTOR NX212L+BG - 2U 12 bay Unified SAN Stroage HA Head Unit
  • Unified storage head node: support CIFS, NFS, iSCSI and FC with high availability option with shared AccuSTOR or EliteSTOR JBOD storage expansion
  • 128 bit OS with ZFS: virtually unlimited snapshot and unlimited file system sizes.  
  • Feature-rich: thin Provisioning, file/block replication, auto data tiering.
NexentaSTOR NX424X6R - 4U 24 Bay 6G SATA/SAS to 6G SAS JBOD Redundant Controller Rackmount
  • 4U 24-bay (expand up to 72 bay) 6G SAS / SATA to 6G SAS storage system.
  • Redundant controller with total of 6 mini-SAS port (3 ports per controller).
  • Supports JBOD applications with SAS HBA or RAID applications with RAID controllers.
  • Also work as expansion unit for servers or Nexenta series.  
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