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AccuSTOR AS424IXR - 4U 24 Bay 6G SAS/SATA to SAS JBOD w/ Dual IO Controller (AR424I(T)R Exp.)


The AccuSTOR AS424IXR is a 4U rack-mountable 6G SAS JBOD rackmount for expansion with AccuRAID AR424IR or AR424ITR, SAS/SATA to iSCSI RAID storage system. Built-in with dual IO SAS controllers, the AS424IXR provide high availability and high redundant expansion storage for iSCSI storage. Utilizing the latest 6G SAS/SATA technology, the AS424IXR provides mini-SAS host to 24 high performance 6G SAS hard drives or high capacity SATA drives (Additional Mux Board required for SATA drives). The AS424IXR includes two mini-SAS ports for expansion with the AR424IR or AR424ITR RAID head unit allowing it to expand up to 2 additional units, which equals to a total of 72 HDD bays (4U-24 AR424IR or AR424ITR plus 2 * 4U-24 AS424IXR supporting a maximum of 216TB with 3TB hard drives). When connect to AR424IR or AR424ITR and AS424IXR, it establish a single multi-terabyte RAID capable volume saving users the cost of purchasing additional RAID units. Redundant power supply, hot-swappable cooling fan and cable-less backplane design allows easy trouble shooting and maintenance. The versatility of the AS424IXR allows easy configuration and integration with the AccuRAID AR424IR or AR424ITR Dual Quad iSCSI RAID Storage array system. With flexible configuration and easy integration with existing AccuRAID AR424IR or AR424ITR makes AS424IXR a high performance and high-redundancy data storage expansion units.

Note: Sans Digital recommends the use of enterprise hard drives when in use with any RAID controller applications. Standard desktop or green desktop drive may not be supported and may compromise RAID system stability and performance. For more information on the difference between RAID and desktop hard drives, please see the Western Digital knowledge base. For a list of compatible RAID Edition SATA hard drives, please refer to the list below:

  • Seagate 500GB (ST3500514NS) 
  • Seagate 750GB (ST3750330NS) 
  • Seagate 1TB (ST31000524NS) 
  • Seagate 2TB (ST32000644NS)
  • Western Digital 500GB (WD5002ABYS)  
  • Western Digital 1TB (WD1002FBYS) 
  • Western Digital 2TB (WD2003FYYS)
  • Hitachi 500GB (0F11000)
  • Hitachi 1TB (0A39289) 
  • Hitachi 2TB (0F10452)
  • Hitachi 3TB (0F12456)


  • Dual Active redundant controllers to provide high availabilty storage.
  • Supports high performance 6G SAS hard drives and cost-effective 6G SATA hard drives (Additional Mux Board required for SATA drives).
  • Backward compatibile with 3G hard drives.
  • 24 hot-swappable drive bays.
  • Expand AR424IR or AR424ITR storage capacity using mini-SAS controller head unit.
  • Built-in mini-SAS expander for storage expansion.  Supports up to 2 AS424IXR with up to 72 bays (24 bay AR424IR or AR424ITR with 2 * 4U-24 bay AS424IXR, 216TB of total raw capacity).
  • Full modular design: Cable-less backplane, dual redundant power supplies and hot-swappable cooling fans for easy maintanence and serviceability.


 Model  AS424IXR
 Form Factor  4U Rackmount
 HDD Trays  24 Hot-Swappable 3.5"
 RAID mode Supported  JBOD (RAID is supported via RAID head unit, AR316IR or AR4242ITR)
 Maximum Capacity  72TB, expandable to 216TB
 Drive Interface  SAS / SATA (Additional Mux Board required for SATA drives)
 Supported RAID Head Unit 

 AR424IR or AR424ITR

 Host Interface   SAS, Mini-SAS / SFF-8088 x 2
 Expansion Ports  Mini-SAS / SFF-8088 x 2 (Supports up to 2 units)
 Cooling Fan  4 Hot-Swappable Modules & Blowers
 Power Supply  500W X 3 Redundant
 Dimension (in)  19" W x 20" D x 7" H
 Weight (lb)  44 lb
 Safety Regulations  CE, FCC, UL, RoHS
 Limited Warranty  3 Years
 Package Contents  L-Bracket (1 Set)
 User's Manual (1)
 Power Cords (2)
 Serial Cable (1)
 Mini-SAS 8088 to Mini-SAS 8088 cable (1)
 Hard Drive Mounting Screws (64)

Available Models

Enterprise RAID Edition Hard Drive
 Model  AS424IXR  AS424IXR24S  AS424IXR48S  AS424IXR72S  AS424IXR96S 
 Hard Drive  No HDD 
 SATA x24
 SATA x24
 SATA x24
 SATA x24
Storage Size
 N/A  24TB  48TB  72TB  96TB

SAS Hard Drive Bundle
 Model  AS424IXR  AS424IXR12S  AS424IXR24S  AS424IXR48S  AS424IXR72S 
 Hard Drive  No HDD
 7200RPM * 24
 7200RPM  * 24
 7200RPM * 24
 7200RPM * 24
Storage Size
 N/A  24TB  48TB  72TB  96TB

15K SAS Hard Drive Bundle
 Model  AS424IXR7K  AS424IXR14K
 Hard Drive  300GB SAS
 15K RPM * 24
 600GB SAS
 15K RPM * 24
 Total Storage Size  7.2TB  14.4TB

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